Clothing Tips:

We want to make sure the focus of the photoshoot is on your face instead of being distracted by clothing, so here are some tips to help you think about what to wear on your special day:

Bring a variety of options. Solid colors photograph best.  Classy, trendy, simple, sporty, colorful. This will give you a versatile look for your photos. 

(Gold Session Example)
We provide Formal Tux & Drape
Outfit 1 (simple, classic)
Outfit 2 (classy, dressy)
Outfit 3 Other ( trendy, sporty, colorful)

Classic outfit - this will be great for your close-up headshot/yearbook photo. These classic photos work best with solid colors, long sleeves, and an accessory or two. Find a solid color that accentuates your eyes and complexion. These photos focus less on the outfit and more on you. 

Trendy - for trendy outfits, bring a variety. Plaids, floral, stripes, short sleeves, layers. Get creative! These outfits reflect your own style and personality.

Try on your outfits with undergarments before the shoot.
Be careful when choosing a short skirt or dress as they can limit your posing options (but can be fun for special poses as well).
Think about adding varying styles to your wardrobe in order to make each photo feel unique.
Be careful of large logos, as they can date your photos and be distracting to the viewer.
Remember that jackets can be added to many outfits in order to change the look.
Make sure to clean and iron clothing the day before. Feel free to bring clothes on a hanger.

General Tips: 
We recommend you stick with a hair style you are already comfortable with and love on yourself instead of trying something new for your session. 

Please have your makeup and hair already done before coming to the studio, but bring touch-up makeup and hairspray to keep it looking good! Don't forget to also bring your senior class ring, shoes, belts, and jewelry.

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WE Provide the TUX & Drape


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